AI Meets Volvo Upholstery in South Africa’s Trendiest Collaboration

The Future of Fashion. SA Designers Go Full Throttle with Volvo EX30 Upholstery AI Meets Volvo Upholstery in South Africa’s Trendiest Collaboration

Where cars and couture collide, Volvo Car South Africa has just flipped the script. Upholstery from the fully electric Volvo EX30 transformed into jaw-dropping fashion statements. Under the banner “Designed with AI, Crafted by Humans,” two trailblazing South African designers have harnessed artificial intelligence to redefine sustainable style.

Enter Fikile Sokhulu and Nao Serati Mofammere, the dynamic duo tasked with conjuring up an EX30-inspired Autumn/Winter 2024 collection. Their mission? To fuse AI technology with eco-friendly design practices, proving that sustainability and high-tech innovation can indeed coexist beautifully.

Volvo Car SA’s Chief Financial Officer, Marishka Govender, encapsulates the vision: “With sustainability at the forefront, the new Volvo EX30 incorporates numerous renewable and recycled materials. This avant-garde electric vehicle also features cutting-edge driver-assistance and safety technologies, hinting at the AI advancements we envision for the future.”

Govender continues, “We aim to inspire the public to see sustainability and advanced technologies like AI as harmonious with human-centric beauty and creativity. By pushing the boundaries in automotive tech and beyond, we hope to ignite conversations about AI’s potential applications.”

Fikile Sokhulu, armed with a Master’s Degree in Business and Brand Management from the Milan Fashion Institute, is celebrated for her use of natural fibres. Her creations resonate with Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and responsible luxury. Utilizing the EX30’s Indigo interior theme—featuring recycled textiles and reclaimed denim fibres—Sokhulu, with a little help from Meta AI, crafted an outfit for EX30 Champion Thea Booysen.

“Driving the EX30 feels akin to an airplane taking off, so I wanted my design to reflect that freshness and lightness. The fabric was surprisingly easy to work with, allowing me to blend natural symmetry and asymmetry seamlessly,” Sokhulu shares.

On the flip side, we have Nao Serati Mofammere, a LISOF graduate and the creative force behind the Nao Serati brand since 2014. Known for his unisex garments that scream South African pride, Mofammere was the perfect fit to reimagine automotive materials as fashion. With guidance from Midjourney AI, Mofammere transformed the EX30’s Mist interior theme—comprising responsibly sourced wool blends and recycled fishing net textiles—into a standout outfit for EX30 Champion Lasizwe Dambuza.

“My process involved deconstructing the fabric and meticulously weaving it back together, inspired by the recycled fishing nets used in the EX30’s sturdy mats. I embraced the AI’s suggestions, choosing to create something uniquely collaborative,” explains Mofammere.

Volvo’s innovative partnership with these forward-thinking designers has spotlighted the versatility of sustainable materials and the creative potential of AI technology. These groundbreaking outfits will be showcased at Volvo dealerships across South Africa, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of fashion.

So, next time you slide behind the wheel of a Volvo EX30, remember: you’re not just driving a car. You’re making a statement—about sustainability, innovation, and the boundless possibilities when technology meets human creativity. Buckle up; the future of fashion is here, and it’s electrifying.

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