Almost on the Podium, But Brakes Had Other Ideas

The NWM Ford Rally-Raid Team had a "hold my brake fluid" kind of event...

The Vryheid 400, the shiny new round of the SARRC, promised a thrilling challenge. For the NWM Ford Rally-Raid Team, well, let's just say it was a weekend that started with champagne dreams and ended with a "hold my brake fluid" kind of reality.

The Ford boys, Gareth Woolridge and Boyd Dreyer (#200), came out swinging. They dominated qualifying, leaving the competition in a cloud of dust (literally, that stuff was everywhere). Lance Woolridge and Kenny Gilbert (#234) weren't far behind, snagging second place just three seconds back. Things were looking good, real good.

Then came Saturday. Imagine this, you're leading the pack, dust billowing behind you like a rock concert entrance, and suddenly your brakes decide to take a permanent vacation. That's what happened to Gareth and Boyd. A rogue brake nipple decided to loosen its grip, leading to a mad scramble to bleed the system and get them back in the race.

Just as they were getting back on track, another brake pipe decided to join the party, leaving them with all the stopping power of a runaway shopping trolley. After a pitstop worthy of a NASCAR race (minus the cheerleaders, sadly), they soldiered on, eventually finishing a respectable seventh.

Lance and Kenny weren't exactly immune to the gremlins. Their brake line connector decided to loosen its grip mid-race, forcing them to play a real-life game of "Find the Leak." Thankfully, they MacGyvered their way out of it and put on a valiant chase for the podium. In the end, they fell short by a heartbreaking 10 seconds, but hey, silver linings and all that.

Despite the brake-tastic drama, the NWM Ford Rangers showed their true potential. They were fast, they were fierce, and they proved they can handle whatever the South African wilderness throws at them (except maybe for a rogue brake fairy).

The takeaway? The NWM team has a fantastic truck, the drivers are champions in the making, and with a little less drama in the brake department, they're going to be a force to be reckoned with.

So, next race? Here's to hoping the brakes behave themselves and the NWM boys take home that sweet podium champagne. Until then, we'll be here, cheering them on and maybe placing a few bets on whether the brakes will join the party again.

Images : Supplied

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