BMW 7 Series Cruises to Victory in 2024 SA Car of the Year

Followed by Suzuki Fronx and BMW M2

Hold onto your lederhosen, car enthusiasts, because the results of the 2024 South African Car of the Year (COTY) are in, and it's a German invasion! The BMW 7 Series emerged victorious, leaving a field of 17 other finalists in its polished dust.

Overall Winners 2024 COTY

This year's competition was a nail-biter, with a record-breaking 18 finalists vying for the coveted title. The Suzuki Fronx came in a respectable second place, proving that good things sometimes come in small packages (and with very affordable price tags). Meanwhile, the BMW M2 snagged third place, reminding us that even COTY judges can't resist a little pulse-pounding performance.

3rd Overall 2024 COTY

Charles Nortje, Managing Director of Old Mutual Insure (OMI), the competition's main sponsor, practically gushed over the competition's outcome. He highlighted the industry's lightning-fast progress, especially in terms of safety – which is great news for all those of us who tend to sing along a little too enthusiastically while driving.

Speaking of enthusiastic, the public got to chime in this year with the "Motor Enthusiasts Choice" award, which the Mahindra Scorpio-N triumphantly snatched up. Social media clout FTW!

But back to our champion, the BMW 7 Series. Not only did it win the overall COTY title, but it also snagged the Luxury category award and the hearts of the COTY jurors who bestowed upon it the "Jurors' Excellence Award" for its top-notch driving dynamics, craftsmanship, and overall quality. It seems the 7 Series is the automotive equivalent of a perfectly tailored tuxedo – luxurious, powerful, and guaranteed to turn heads.

While the driving experience is undeniably important, COTY goes beyond the thrill of the open road. Lightstone Auto*, the competition's data partner, throws in valuable market insights and online popularity scores to ensure the winners resonate with both industry trends and real-world buyer preferences. This dynamic approach has led to a diverse range of champions in recent years, from eco-friendly EVs to family workhorses and, this year, a luxurious sedan.

The winners across all eight categories reflect the fierce competition in the South African automotive industry. From budget-friendly hatchbacks to capable off-roaders, manufacturers are putting their best wheels forward to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern drivers. This is especially true in the post-pandemic world, where priorities and buying habits have undoubtedly shifted.

To keep the competition fresh and relevant, the COTY team, with the help of OMI, established the "OMI COTY Academy." Here, seasoned motoring journalists mingle with digital media whizzes, ensuring the competition stays on top of trends and maintains its prestige among both industry professionals and car-buying consumers.

So, how exactly do they pick these winners? The COTY evaluation process is no beauty pageant. Cars are meticulously assessed based on design, technology, engineering, performance, handling, safety features, and yes, even a touch of ingenuity. It's the automotive decathlon, and the 2024 winners are all gold medalists.

With this victory, BMW now holds the record for the most COTY wins, a staggering seven in total! The 7 Series joins its illustrious BMW brethren who triumphed in previous years. Talk about a winning pedigree!

A huge congratulations to all the winners, participants, sponsors, and the dedicated SAGMJ team for making the 2024 COTY another successful year. Here's to many more years of celebrating the best that the South African automotive industry has to offer!

The category winners of the 2024 COTY competition are:


Suzuki Fronx

Compact Family:

Toyota Urban Cruiser




Mercedes-Benz GLC

Adventure SUV:

Mahindra Scorpio-N

4x4 Double Cab:

Volkswagen Amarok


BMW 7 Series



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