How Cape Town’s Elite Car Rally Zoomed Past Charity Goals in a Record-Breaking Finale!

Overall Winners

In an unprecedented display of speed, elegance, and heartfelt generosity, Cape Town has once again positioned itself as the epicenter of automotive excellence and philanthropy. The third edition of the Cape 1000, an event that combines the thrill of classic and modern motoring with a deep commitment to charitable endeavors, has concluded on a note so high, it could only be matched by the revving engines of its participants.

A Drive Through Paradise for a Noble Cause

Spanning over 1,600 km of South Africa’s most picturesque landscapes, the Cape 1000 is not just a testament to the endurance of its participants but also a pledge to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The rally, a blend of high-octane adventure and precision driving, raised an awe-inspiring R350,000 for the QuadPara Association of South Africa and the Motorsport Legends Benevolent Fund. The excitement reached its zenith at the charity auction, where adrenaline met philanthropy, culminating in the auction of coveted memorabilia, including the top-billed event poster, signed by the artist, turning collectibles into contributions for a cause.

The Melting Pot of Motoring Excellence

From the roaring classics of yesteryears to the sleek aerodynamics of modern marvels, the Cape 1000 saw an eclectic mix of cars vying for the top spot in a test of skill, speed, and spirit. The event, truly international in its draw, saw participants from across the globe - from the USA to South Korea, each bringing their unique flavor to the motoring melee. The rally wasn’t just a race; it was a moving mosaic of automotive history, with each car telling its own story of design, innovation, and passion.

Champions of the Road

The competition was fierce but friendly, with categories designed to showcase the best in each class of vehicle. The overall winners, Jan-Hendrik Delport and Jonathan Barron, in their 2012 Porsche GTS Convertible, demonstrated that when it comes to the Cape 1000, it’s not just about the car, but the connection between driver, machine, and road that defines victory.

The Heart Behind the Horsepower

Vanessa Crichton and the organizing team’s vision transformed the Cape 1000 from a mere rally into a movement - a fusion of motoring passion and philanthropic purpose. With the unwavering support of Private Clients by Old Mutual Wealth, the event not only celebrated automotive achievements but also underscored the power of community and charity.

The Road Ahead

As the dust settles on this year's exhilarating event, the wheels are already in motion for the next edition, with promises of even more thrilling routes and cutting-edge technology to bring participants and enthusiasts closer to the action. The Cape 1000 stands as a beacon of hope, proving that even in the fast lane, there’s always room for giving back.

In the end, the Cape 1000 is more than a rally; it’s a reminder that in the race of life, the most rewarding finish lines are those that lead to helping others. Here’s to more miles, more smiles, and more generous hearts on the road ahead. The engines have cooled, but the spirit of the Cape 1000 continues to burn brightly, lighting the way for future journeys of change and charity.

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