Lexus Continues Partnership with the RMB Latitudes Art Fair

Ladies and gents, art lovers, and luxury car enthusiasts alike, mark your calendars! The RMB Latitudes Art Fair is making its grand reappearance in Johannesburg from Friday, May 24th to Sunday, May 26th at the stunning Shepstone Gardens. And guess who's driving the excitement? None other than Lexus South Africa, the exclusive vehicle partner. It’s the perfect blend of horsepower and brushstrokes!

As the biggest online marketplace for African art, the RMB Art Fair isn’t just another art exhibit—it’s the Coachella for the art world, minus the flower crowns. It’s a vibrant fiesta of creativity and culture, bringing together artists from across the continent and beyond. This year, expect nothing less than an explosion of color, creativity, and yes, a hint of automotive elegance.

Now, let’s talk about the real treat. Over the course of the fair, Lexus is rolling out the red carpet (literally and metaphorically) with luxurious chauffeur-driven experiences for all VIP guests. Imagine being whisked away in style, sipping on your favorite drink, while gliding smoothly through Johannesburg’s streets in a Lexus. You’ll get to experience Japanese hospitality, or Omotenashi if you want to sound fancy, in the obsessive RX, the futuristic NX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid, and the sleek ES. Because why not enjoy the ride as much as the art?

But Lexus isn’t just here to show off their wheels. They’re serious about supporting the arts. This year, they’re presenting the prestigious 'Lexus Best Stand Trophy' to the exhibitor with the most outstanding presentation. It’s like the Oscars, but for art stands. So, exhibitors, bring your A-game—Lexus is watching!

“Lexus is evolving with consumer tastes in luxury. Not only does it deliver designs with high visual impact, but the brand also develops ground-breaking engineering and technology. A passion we share with the exhibiting artists at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair,” says Lexus South Africa. Translation: We’re fancy, they’re fancy, let’s be fancy together.

So, whether you're an art aficionado, a luxury car enthusiast, or someone who just loves a good party, the RMB Latitudes Art Fair is the place to be. It’s where the elegance of Lexus meets the creativity of Africa’s best, creating an experience that promises to be as unforgettable as your last accidental trip to an art supply store.

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