OMODA Celebrating One Year of Zooming Past the Competition in SA

OMODA marked a highly successful first year in South Africa with a strong sales performance in April 2024, outselling several long-established brands in the process.

It’s official! OMODA has not only found its footing in the South African automotive market but has also done a little victory dance around some of the seasoned players. As April 2024 drew to a close, OMODA’s sales performance shone brighter than a freshly waxed bonnet on a summer’s day.

For the first time since its South African debut, OMODA reported its sales figures to Naamsa, the industry’s equivalent of a proud parent showing off their child’s report card. The results? A commendable 12.8% slice of the Chery Group’s record-breaking 2,009 registrations for the month. Yes, you heard that right. OMODA didn’t just show up, it showed off!

In April 2024, the Chery Group registered its highest-ever sales figures in South Africa, securing 6th place on the overall manufacturer standings for the month and 4th in the passenger-vehicle segment. OMODA, which functions as an independent brand within the Chery Group, played a key role in this record-breaking performance,” said Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager Chery/OMODA & JAECOO South Africa, likely while doing cartwheels down the office hallway.

When it comes to individual brands, OMODA parked itself firmly in 19th place out of the 54 marques jostling for attention in South Africa’s new-vehicle market. This young upstart didn’t just edge out some mainstream automakers, it practically waved at them from the rear-view mirror as it sped past. Brands from Japan and Europe were left scratching their heads and wondering if OMODA was running on rocket fuel.

“As we celebrate our first birthday in South Africa, we’re thrilled with the market’s response to our fast-growing brand. Every single one of OMODA’s local sales in April came via the dealer channel, which – as opposed to bulk fleet sales – is considered a strong indicator of private-buyer sentiment. In short, each sale is another vote of confidence in our brand,” said Shannon Gahagan, National Brand and Marketing Manager OMODA & JAECOO. In other words, it’s not just the fleet buyers filling up the garage, it’s individual enthusiasts who have fallen head over heels for OMODA.

OMODA’s impressive performance is even more noteworthy given that its local lineup currently boasts only the six-strong C5 range, including the limited-edition GT derivative. That’s right, a handful of models have managed to stir up quite the commotion. It’s akin to a rock band achieving stardom with just one hit single—now that’s some serious swagger.

A year ago, South Africa had the honor of being the first African country to welcome the OMODA brand. The C5’s unique silhouette stood out in a sea of crossover lookalikes, turning heads and prompting double-takes at every street corner.

Looking ahead, the OMODA range is set to expand with the arrival of the highly anticipated C9 luxury flagship and the fully electric E5 later this year. And let’s not forget the recently revealed C7, which is also set to make a grand entrance. The future looks as electrifying as a lightning storm for OMODA.

So, as we pop the champagne and raise a toast to OMODA’s stellar first year, one thing is clear, this brand isn’t just here to stay, it’s here to dominate. Here’s to many more years of outpacing, outshining, and outmaneuvering the competition. Cheers to OMODA!

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