The All-New Land Cruiser Prado

Built for Adventure and Maybe the School Run, Too

  • Engine Power: 150kW 2.8-litre turbodiesel

  • Towing Capacity: 3500kg

  • Pricing:

    • Prado 2.8GD TX: R1,296,300

    • Prado 2.8GD VX-R: R1,448,900

    • Prado 2.8GD 1st Edition: R1,462,400

    • Prado 2.8GD 1st Edition Bi-Tone: R1,472,600

  • Service Plan: 9 services/100,000km

  • Warranty: 3 years/100,000km

  • In-Car WiFi: 25Gb complimentary

South Africans, get ready to unleash your inner explorer (or at least, someone who doesn't mind a bit of gravel)! The legendary Land Cruiser Prado has finally landed on our shores, like a metal beast emerging from a showroom mirage.

This isn't your average grocery-getter. This is a vehicle with a 70-year lineage that practically screams, "I can handle anything you throw at me, including a rogue ostrich or two." (Disclaimer: Toyota does not endorse ostrich dodging with your Prado.)

Power? We got power. The 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine can practically tow a tiny house (or at least a very enthusiastic braai party). Need to navigate a particularly stubborn pothole? No sweat. This Prado will conquer it like a champion hippo tamer.

The interior? Think "rugged refinement." It's got all the bells and whistles you need for off-roading, like heated seats (because who doesn't want a warm tush after battling a dust storm?) There are even multiple seating configurations, perfect for fitting in your entire family, survival gear, and maybe even a pet warthog (again, not officially endorsed by Toyota).

The three Prado models: We got the TX, the VX-R, and the limited-edition First Edition. Think of them as your adventure buddies with varying levels of enthusiasm. The TX is your solid, reliable friend, while the VX-R is the one who keeps suggesting you try skydiving. The First Edition? That's the show-off with the fancy round headlights, basically saying, "Look at me, I'm conquering mountains and looking good doing it!"

And let's not forget the tech. MyToyota app? Check. In-car WiFi? You bet. Now you can brag about your off-road exploits on social media while simultaneously navigating back to civilization (because even the bravest explorers need a decent latte sometimes).

Price? Let's just say, with a vehicle this capable, owning a piece of automotive history is an investment. But hey, at least you'll never have to worry about getting stuck on the way to that remote fishing hole (or the PTA meeting, whatever floats your boat – or Land Cruiser).

So, South Africa, are you ready to answer the call of the wild? Or at least, the call of the weekend braai that requires a slightly more rugged route? Then head down to your nearest Toyota dealership and get ready to experience the Land Cruiser Prado. Just remember, with this much power at your fingertips, responsibility comes first. (Translation: Don't try to outrun any cheetahs. Seriously.)

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