Volvo EX30 Now with Less Awkward Dates

and More Charging Options

Volvo EX30

Volvo South Africa takes a bold leap into the future of electric cars, appointing YouTube star Lasizwe Dambuza and neuroscientist/streamer Thea Booysen as the EX30's official champions. Because, apparently, that's what the "future of electric cars" looks like these days.

Lasizwe, fresh off his critically acclaimed show "Awkward Dates," is sure to lend the EX30 an air of, well, something. Perhaps it'll be the "entertainment factor" missing from most electric vehicle marketing campaigns. Thea, meanwhile, brings her expertise in...neuropsychology? Don't worry, the press release assures us it all ties in with the EX30's "ethos" of sustainability and innovation, whatever that means.

YouTube star Lasizwe Dambuza

The car itself sounds less awkward than its marketing strategy. The EX30 promises futuristic design, affordability (starting at R775,900!), and a snappy 0-100km/h time of 3.6 seconds. Just enough speed to, well, escape those awkward dates?

The interior boasts "natural and recycled leather-free materials," which sounds less luxurious and more like something your vegan friend would approve of. But hey, at least it's sustainable! And if nature-inspired materials aren't your thing, you can personalize your EX30 with a variety of exciting upholstery and colour themes – perfect for expressing your unique brand, whatever that may be.

Neuroscientist/streamer Thea Booysen

Speaking of brands, Volvo has thoughtfully included built-in Google services, ensuring you're never disconnected from the digital world. A perfect feature for, you guessed it, documenting your awkward dates (or your super-hip Lasizwe-inspired adventures) on social media.

So, if you're looking for an electric car with a side of social media influence and a dash of neuroscientific mystery, then the Volvo EX30 with its team of champion oddballs might be the perfect fit. Just don't blame us if your next date ends up on Lasizwe's channel.

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